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Journey is over!!!

Hey guys! I MADE IT!!! On the 18. march I arrived in Santiago de Compostela (walked for around 720km!!!). It was such a great feeling… We started to run and jump around in the end, because we were all so … Weiterlesen

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traveling is great – you can change plans every day!

Hey guys, right now I am in Aruza…just around 40km to Santiago… so I will walk 35 tomorrow and then just another 5km on 18.march to Santiago… so I gonna make me my own Birthday present!!! After that I gonna … Weiterlesen

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Dia 18 – Ponferada to Villa Franca (25km)

Hey… today we decided to take an easy day because everyone of the group is pretty exhausted! (that is also the reason that no updates the last days…) At the moment I travel still with Heroki, but also a swedish … Weiterlesen

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Dia 10 – Burgos – Castrojeriz 39,7km // all: 258,3km

Today I had a really hard an nice day… walked almost 40km… just because I met an friend from japan on the way and stayed with him… so it just happend But now I got some blisters… to bad Heute … Weiterlesen

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[UPDATE] Nature is amazing & PICTURES

Right nowI am in ages..just before burgos Hat grad food in the halbourge… stay here together with a guy from switzerland…pretty hard to communicat… just a mix of spanisch and english 2 days ago I started walking at 6:30 in … Weiterlesen

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