Dia 10 – Burgos – Castrojeriz 39,7km // all: 258,3km

Today I had a really hard an nice day… walked almost 40km… just because I met an friend from japan on the way and stayed with him… so it just happend 😉 But now I got some blisters… to bad 😉
Heute hatte ich einen harten aber auch schoenen Tag… bin ca. 30km gelaufen…eigentlich nur weil ich unterwegs einen freund aus japan getroffen habe und mit ihm gelaufen bin… zack waren 40 km um… Allerdings gabs heute die ersten blisters…schleeecht 😉

SOME FACTS about my travel so far:

  • Because of today I am one day in advance (nice to have a spare day!)
  • At moment traveling with japanese and swiss guy…probally not tomorrow because I cant walked far …2 MONSTER-blisters
  • Both pants (hiking and raining) pants have quit big holes so far 😀
  • I shower every 2nd day
  • Still wearing the same tshirt for hiking… didnt wash it so far 😉 lallalala 😀
  • washed me hiking socks 2 days before the first time… THE SMELLED SOOOO BAD
  • Knees getting better beacause of bandage from farmacy and landscape is flat at the moment
  • Just used a needle for putting off my blisters…hopefully getting better 😉
  • My spanish is getting much better (I even hat to help korean people to talk with a spanish hospilatero!
  • When Iam arriving at at habourge at the end of the day…. I just cant stop smiling!!! It is such a great feeling after hours of walking
  • HOT SHOWER.-..AWESOME… I stay there for 20-30minutes…GREAT!!!!
  • Today I discussed with Hiroki (Japan) how nice it would be to find a habourge with an hotpool or sauna 😀
  • Teresa (Korea) went home because of so problems back home… really sad… Gave me a nice present at the end… kind of meaningfull 😉
  • I start walking around 6 or 7…. it nice to make some KM in ne morning!!! even its dark (HEADLIGHT rocks)
  • Santiago is not the end… I will walk 100km more to Finisterra… just a Cliff at the sea…
  • Yesterday a great night at burgos (2spanish, 1danish,1 korea, 3japan) just a lot of tapas and beers in 3 different bar (spanish way of life!!!)
  • Found a Bar called Muenchen….I just had to went in for a Paulaner….was quite nice 😉

This are so far some fact about my travel…stay tuned! Tomorrow it will be pretty hard to walk with the blisters… I hope I can do it somehow… at the moment they hurt like hell…. The are soooo big that I thougt about giving them names 😀

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  2. Stephan

    Nette Bilders ^^! Hab mich schon gewundert was hier so riecht aber das musst wohl du sein 😛

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