Dia 18 – Ponferada to Villa Franca (25km)

Hey… today we decided to take an easy day because everyone of the group is pretty exhausted! (that is also the reason that no updates the last days…)
At the moment I travel still with Heroki, but also a swedish girl, brazial girl and canadian guy! Pretty nice group with a lot of fun 😀

Hey, heute haben wir mal wieder nen ruhigeren Tag gemacht, weil wir alle ziehmlich am „Sack“ sind.(daher auch keine updates die letzten Tage im blog)
Aktuell bin ich immernoch mit Hiroki unterwegs, abernun auch mit einer Schwedin, Brasilianerin und einem Kanadier! Sehr lustige truppe 😉

Here are some fact about the last days:

  • Felt over a root and SMASH… just lying on the ground an laughing 😀
  • Heroki took on a mountain the wrong way and had seen me on the other side just shouted for me 😀 HHAHA and I was just wondering why he is on the different site than me 😉
  • Spring is on..swedish girl (Lilly) loves them… so we hug all the time we see flowers 😀
  • Toes are bleeding (no blisers…) but brasilien girl (doctor) gave me some antibiotik cream … helps kind of 😉
  • EVERYONE (even locals in bars) laugh about my walking stick… we just call it „the TREE“ because it is so masive!
  • Fernanda (brasil) had snow for the 1st time.. so I showed her the Snowangel and build a snowman….. for sure I also threw a snowball at her 😀
  • Went to the Cruz Ferro to put my stone down!
  • We walked sometimes 40 to 45 km…. ohhmy  god…12 hours of walking… thats pretty hard!
  • Last time we walked 2 hours in the darkness cause we took a too long lunch break…. WE HAD a beautifull heaven full of stars… we just had a grouphugging….amazing moment!!!
  • Some nones offered me to stay a day longer in the habourge because I couldnt walk and stand up during the mess 😉 But I kept walking!

Now it is time for eating Pizza!!!
Btw, I had my first Double-whopper hat burger king… AMAZSING!!!! best burger ever ;D

26 thoughts on “Dia 18 – Ponferada to Villa Franca (25km)

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  26. Kai und Fleur

    Hey Michl, echt super dass du das machst, du hast Fleur und mich auch inspiriert sowas mal in Angriff zu nehmen! Musst uns mal irgendwann wenn du wieder zurück bist alles ausführlich erzählen und Fotos nochmal zeigen.

    Wir denken an Dich, halt durch und keep on walking with your „tree“ 😉

    Liebe Grüße
    Fleur und Kai

    P.S.: Weinilein, ham uns schon viel zu lang nich mehr gesehen. Sach bescheid, wenn du wieder nach Hause gewandert bist…

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