Journey is over!!!

Hey guys!
I MADE IT!!! On the 18. march I arrived in Santiago de Compostela (walked for around 720km!!!). It was such a great feeling… We started to run and jump around in the end, because we were all so excited!!! Then we met so many people in front of the cathedral we met during our camino…  I even met the danish soldier again, who I havent seen for almost 2 weeks!
After the pilgrim-mesa we went to a bar to celebrate my birthday and the end of the camino! One of the best birthdays so far!!!

I was sitting with Matthew (Canada)… drunk beer and smoked cuba cigarrs… awesome!!!

At night we went to the plaza in front of the cathedral, lying down, watching the stars and smoked another cigar 😀 LIFE IS GREAT 😉

The last 3 days I walked to the „end of the World“ (another100km)… as soon I walked by the beach I just put off my clothes and jumped into the water….great feeling, even it was freazing cold!!! People were all looking at me because I was running at the beach with backpack and a GREAT smiling face 😀

Now I enjoy my first day of not walking, just lying on the beach!
By the way… there is an awesome sunset at the end of the world… so if you got time, just walk there 😉

I wanna thank you all for the great supporting comments on this blog, facebook, calls, text-messages, emails, etc.!!!

You were always in my minds!
As soon I go home, I gonna put a little gallery online, this will be my last action on this blog (26.march!)

Take care, mucha suerte, Alles gute!

409 thoughts on “Journey is over!!!

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  404. kura

    I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  405. Peter

    Hi Michael,

    habe jeden Tag dienen Jakobsweg verfolgt…
    Schade, daß mein english nicht gut genug ist um alles zu verstehen,
    du wirst aber viel zu erzählen haben. Du kennst den Weg ins D7.

    „Wir sind alle stolz auf dich :-)“

    Peter und die Zwölfer

  406. Tanja, Christian und Julian

    Hallo Bruderherz,

    wahnsinn…….du hast es geschafft……..sind soooooo stolz auf dich u freuen uns auf dich….

    Julian will auch den Jakobsweg wandern…..hihihi…..aber er zieht Wanderschuhe an, sagt er, sonst bekommt er wie er es sagt NARBEN ( Blasen meint er)…..hihi

    Liebe Grüße

    Deine Schwester dein Schwager und dein Patenkind JULIAN

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