Lessons Learned

I just decided to put up this page about stuff I learned on my camino:

  • Threw away my plastic plate… didn’t really need it
  • Take enough water… a lot of springs are broken ;)
  • Hot Showering is AWESOME for the muscles!!! You could stay under the water 4 ever!
  • you don´t need a travelguidebook…the way is marked well! maps nice to know where you are!
  • It is nice to speak good spanish if you want to know what you ordering to eat…if it doesnt matter a little spanisch is okey ;)

2 Antworten auf Lessons Learned

  1. Lilly sagt:

    For next time: Washing socks more than one time during the camino is nice for co-travellers. ;-)
    Besitos guapo!

  2. Jens sagt:

    bei Lessons Learned musst ich irgendwie spontan an den greathouse denken!

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